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Birthdate:Dec 20
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
I'm weird. There really isn't much to me. I tend to think a lot, but I'm not a good thinker, or I don't do it right, or I don't even know. I love people and obsessing over things with people. I tend to disappear for a couple of days, then come back, because I'm not an "internet dweller". I'm very new to the wonderful world of web, so please be kind. Andbemyfriendplease?IloveyoueventhoughIhaven'tmetyouandthisiskindofcreepysoI'llstopnow...Okay, bye!

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2 broke girls, 300, 8 simple rules, alexander, alice in wonderland, all in the family, amazing grace 2006, and then there were none, angel, anime, archery, atonement, avengers, baseball, batman begins/dark knight, beauty and the beast, beowulf, big bang theory, billiards, blood and chocolate, bones, boy meets boy, boy meets world, braveheart, captain america, catcher in the rye, charmed, chronicles of narnia, comics, covert affairs, creative writing, criminal minds, crow, cycling, dance, darts, david levithan, dead poets society, doc martin, doctor who, downton abbey, dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, dracula, drawing, e.t.: the extra-terrestrial, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, elizabeth, elizabeth: the golden age, everything, final fantasy: spirits within, forrest gump, gaming, gilmore girls, giver, glee, go ask alice, grey's anatomy, grimm, harry potter, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, hobbit, home improvement, homer, house, i love you phillip morris, ice hockey, iliad, inception, jane eyre, jay and silent bob strike back, jedi apprentice, jedi quest series, jumanji, juno, king's speech, kiss kiss bang bang, law and order: svu, legally blonde, les miserables, little nicky, lord of the flies, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, making friends, manga, martial arts, matilda, matrix, merlin, michael, moulin rouge, musical instruments, new jedi order, nightmare before christmas, odyssey, of mice and men, painting, people watching, phantom of the opera, philadelphia, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pretty guardian sailormoon, pretty woman, pride and prejudice, princess diaries, reba, return to oz, rocky horror, romeo and juliet, running, saw, schindler's list, shaun of the dead, she's all that, sherlock, sherlock holmes, singing, skateboarding, smallville, star wars, sweeney todd, swimming, that '70s show, that was then, the fool's tale, this is now, thor, three musketeers, time machine, tin man, tudor series, tudors, walking dead, wall-e, war of the worlds, who framed roger rabbit, will and grace, wings series, without a trace, x-men: the movie, xena: warrior princess, young victoria
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